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Cupping: Light notes of cherry, sweet, complex and intense. Beautifully balanced.

Roast : Medium

Finally we have more Yemen. Yemen is not the easiest origin to source from and is difficult to get. Even at the price it is well worth it.

Region : Haraaz
Producer : Manakha Farm
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Tuffahi
Processing : Natural
Altitude : 2000-2300 MASL
Prep : A+, Screen 17 plus


The people of Yemen argue that Yemen is actually the home of coffee rather than Ethiopia. The truth is lost in time. There is no doubt, however, that the strains of typica growing in Yemen are true heirlooms and little changed from the time of coffee’s discovery. The trees which produce this Matari coffee grow semi wild in very rugged and high altitude terrain surrounding remote villages. The village people collect the cherries and dry them in the sun on the stone roofs of their homes. Our partner in Yemen, Al Hamdani Mocha, finished the process by expert grading to ensure a high quality cup.

This produces simply amazing espresso at medium roasts. Winy, heavy, creamy, dark berries and intriguing florals abound, with undertones of chocolate and liqueur.

Not to be missed.