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Juicy, sweet, citrus, complex with dark chocolate. Really lovely with just a hint of the classic and unique Kuta tomato notes

Roast : Medium

Region : Foothills of Kubor Range, Western Highlands
Producer : Kuta Kofi Mill Small Holder Farmer Group
Harvest : August through to November
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Typica, Bourbon with some Arusha
Processing : Honey Natural
Altitude1500 MASL
Prep : Hand picked, sundried, dry sorted, hand sorted 
Kuta Kofi Mill Small Holder Farmer Group

The importer has been working with Bryan Leahy for a long time and are delighted to be able to offer another season of his Honey Process coffee that had its debut in 2016. The coffee used is drawn from selected farmers who Bryan knows well and appreciate it’s only the ripest cherries he's after.

The Honey Process, the skins are removed, leaving fruit pulp on the outer parchment. These are sundried, turned over and hand sorted – honey processing needs careful attention at every stage to avoid fermentation. It’s certainly a long and laborious task but the end result makes it worthwhile.

Every stage from picking, sorting and packing is done by hand, an opportunity to constantly check the quality.

Kuta Kofi Mill farmers grow their coffee on the foothills of the Kubor Range/junction with the Nebilyer Valley and area with the wonderful black volcanic loamy soil PNG is known for.