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Acidity: Medium

Body: Medium, Rich

Flavour : Rich, dark chocolate, syrupy, citrus and pear fruit

Roast : Med-Dark

The Boquete region of Panama produces a high-grade regional offering, based mainly on the Caturra and Catuai varietals. For a Central South American, the Boquete has a good creamy body and natural balance. This suits single origin infusion, where these excellent characteristics present with integrity.

Origin: PANAMA

Region: Chiriquí

Producer : Selected growers

Type: Arabica
Varietals: Caturra / Geisha

Processing: Fully Washed

Altitude1500 - 2500

Prep: Fully washed, graded.


Rich, dark chocolate, syrupy, citrus and pear fruit. Lovely balance of acidity and smooth


Small independent, privately owned farms in Boquette have strived to improve their standards of production, socially and environmentally. As a result of this, producing outstandingly distinct coffees.  Farms traditionally employ the local N’gobe pickers during the harvest to select the finest cherries for processing. The work standards on the small farms have been raised to meet and surpass international standards and pickers receive wages that are some of the best in Central America.