Ethiopian Harrar Long Berry East

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Acidity   : Medium to High
Body     : Medium to High
Flavour : Floral, berries, fruit, red wine & syrupy.
Roast : Medium to Medium Dark



Region : Harrar

Producer : Selected Local Harrvest : November - February

Type : Arabica

Varietals : Heirloom varietals

Processing : Natural, Sun DriedAltitide : 1500 - 1850 MASL

Prep : Hand picked & sorted

Cupping : Floral, berries, fruit, red wine,  syrupy.  Good body and aftertaste.


Harrar or Harar is one of the oldest and most renowned coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. High altitudes and generations of experience in cultivation and processing result in the unique and intriguing characteristics of the Harrar Longberry. 

Coming out of Ethiopian's Eastern Highland, this is one of the oldest coffees still produced commercially. The beans are distinctive by their greenish/yellow colour and almost every process is done by hand. Coffee beans from the Harrar region are categorised by their shape. Large beans are defined as Longberry, smaller beans as Shortberry and Pea berries as Mocha.

The rise of popularity of Ethiopian coffee by roasters and consumers is being matched by the Ethiopian Goverments involvement in the industry to ensure the quality and longevity of the coffee industry. Local consumption in Ethiopia accounts for over half the annual produciton.

Ethiopia has a very unique and ancient history, it stands out amongst other African countries as the birth place of coffee.