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Wacaco Minipresso Kit

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This kit includes an addtional 3 filter baskets with caps and a larger hot water container.

Now a standard part of my travel kit.

You can prepare 3 shots at once and the larger water container holds enough water for all 3. No need to fill up in between. Happy days!

Minipresso Kit is a combination of the Minipresso Tank+ and three additional Minipresso GR filter baskets with caps. The filter baskets, filled with ground coffee, can be stored inside the large water tank. It's an easy way to carry all you need to prepare espresso shots for you and your friends during a long day hike. Note that the portable espresso machine, Minipresso GR, showed on some of the pictures  is sold separately.


Dimension 152x60x60mm 6.00x2.36x2.36in
Weight 220gr 0.49lbs
Water capacity 120ml 4.05oz
Other Contain 3 filter baskets with cap and a built-in espresso cup.